Traditional v. Mobile: The Best POS for Start-Ups

Choosing a POS system is an essential first step for start-ups. Before you can begin to do business, you have to have a good POS system ready to go. You want something that can accept payment and make work easier, something that will work well. For most people these days, that choice is becoming clear: Mobile. Mobile POS systems offer the same features as traditional, but come with integration for online platforms. For sellers with multiple places of sale, this integration is essential is streamlining the selling process. It works for them and their business, and traditional is slowly losing ground because of it.

POS Systems

Traditional and mobile POS systems work similarly. Traditional is something a lot of people know and understand by now, but mobile is creeping up in popularity. Many newer start-ups are choosing mobile for a multitude of reasons, with integration being just one. Mobile also makes access to information and tools easier, with everything a few taps away. Having that simplicity and accessibility helps the vendor to maintain control over information and their sales.

Mobile rewards make these POS systems more valuable to vendors, too. These rewards offer advantages that traditional systems cannot match. With this, integration, and an overall better system, then, why do so many still choose traditional?

Traditional Systems

Traditional POS systems remain strong. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that most new start-ups think of the traditional systems first, and choose them without considering other options. Traditional systems are the go-to because they are the first that come to mind with many people.

One of the bigger reasons is simply that many people already use traditional POS systems. Few are going to make the switch, even with the benefits of mobile. Besides, the benefits are not always easy to use, as some mobile systems make things like integration somewhat difficult, and most vendors already have all of their systems in place. They feel no need to replace what already works, as the hassle might be more than it is worth.

What is clear is that, while traditional is not going away any time soon, mobile systems are growing in popularity, especially as they continue to improve. To keep their market, traditional systems will have to bring in more services and advantages that keep them competitive with mobile to avoid losing vendors.

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